2021.3 (2.19)






  • Extended functionality for Calculated Question

    • A number of new expressions have been added to allow for more complicated calculations. Please visit the help site for a full write up of the available functionality.
  • Two new export attributes can be selected.

    • Form Answer Create Date - is the date the form was saved the FIRST time i.e. answers were created. If the form is used in subject events, this date doubles as "Form Completed" date.
    • Activation Count - A running number, indicating how many times a multiple activation event has been activated for a specific enrollment. It start with 1 and increases with number of activations. Only selectable using "Scheduled Events" if there is at least one multiple activation event in the process.
    • If either are selected, they will also appear in the data code file.


  • Increased the allowed max length in a calculated questions formula from 1024 to 10240.
  • Updated the help text underneath Calculated question to reflect the new functionality and link to the new help page.


  • Re-ordering randomization records that were affected by the bug solved in 2.18.5, to fill up blocks with 'holes' due to the bug.
  • Removal of Randomization assignments to allow for re-randomization for a single study.
  • Answer Not Available icon will now correctly show in the AE reports list, if an item has been marked as AnA.