2021.4 (2.20 + 2.20.1)






  • Process Show Rules

    • With Process Show Rules you can setup show rules that span across forms and data events. They are process specific and requires your process to be setup. This allows you to create a show rule between a question in your very first data event and e.g. the last data event.
    • Process Show Rules can accessed from the Process list or from the left side menu via "Process Rules".
    • They have two components: 1 Criteria and 1-n 'Affected' elements
    • Criteria is the answer possibilities that have to be selected in-order for the show rule to be activated
    • Affected are the question(s) or form(s) that will be shown or hidden depending on the Criteria answer.
    • The Affected elements can be questions or entire forms by selecting "All Questions"!
    • Process Show Rules works in an OR capacity with each other, meaning if you have two Process Show Rules that includes the same Affected element (question(s) or forms)then so long as EITHER of the two rules evaluate to true, the affected item is shown.
    • Process Show Rules works in an AND capacity with Local Form Show Rules. That means, if a question has a Local Form Show Rule and a Process Show Rule on it, BOTH of those have to be true for the question to show.
    • Process show rules will NOT be editable or removable once the study has been started at the current time.
    • Please visit our help site for more details LINK
  • 'Tag' support for more question types (System admins only)

    • 'Tag' allows answer values to be presented elsewhere in the system for example in another question text.
    • Support has been extended, so it now includes the following question types:
    • Date, DateTime, Number, Slider, Free Text(sentence), Multiple Choice, Multiple Response, Yes/No
  • Added "Study Version" to the study info screen. It is a number that increases with every finished amendment.

  • Added "SITE ID" to the API resource for fetching sites.


  • Renamed "Reference Rules" left menu point to "Process Rules" and created a tab for "Process Validation Rules" and "Process Show Rules".
  • Removed the "Recruitment" and "Unscheduled events" column in the process list.
  • Added "Show rules" column in the process list, allowing you to see the number of show rules on the process, create a showrule directly from the list, and navigate to the Process rules view.
  • Question text have had their character allowance increased from 1024 to 10000.
  • 'Public registration' in the process builder has been changed to 'Public enrollment'.
  • The earliest selectable date is now 1/1/1901 in our Date pickers, due to Excel not handling Dates prior to that all too well.


  • The new AE module was not part of the Export API endpoints.
  • Duplicate study will now correctly duplicate Process Validation Rules and Process Show Rules.
  • Filling out subject events using the External API, would allow partial fill out of the subject event, instead of requiring all mandatory questions to be answered.
  • 'Previous data event START' and 'Previous data event COMPLETED' would not correctly trigger email and SMS send out immediately if the delay was set to 0.
  • Improved load times when clicking "View Form Answers" for image charts
  • An issue where the public part of SMART-TRIAL (the no user required part), would eternally load and remove data upon refresh, if internet connection was lost during fill out.
  • Study version number would be duplicated, instead of starting at 1 in the new study.
  • Adding a Calculated question to a Score form would throw an error
  • Medication note box would show the border of the note box at the wrong place.
  • Issues with Date and Time picker in Internet Explorer.
  • Issue where "Form Answer Create Time" code in the data code file (PDF) would be incorrectly shown