2021.5 (2.21)






  • Subject API
    • Allows custom apps to interact directly with SMART-TRIAL securely on behalf of a subject in a study
    • A REST API similar to our External API, for custom apps acting on behalf of a subject.
    • Data could be collected via your own app and sent directly to SMART-TRIAL as part of the data collection in the study. Does require programming work, to match up with our API.
    • Documentation for the API is available at
    • If you have any questions feel free to write us at .
  • It is now possible to download/fetch files and images directly through the External API, please see the documentation for FILES and for IMAGES .
  • New API resources for fetching specific elements based on ID through the External API.
    • Form answer
    • Subject
    • Enrollment
    • Process
    • Site
    • AE report
    • The new resources are singular, the resources fetching multiple elements are in plural e.g. Subject vs Subjects
  • Additional languages and regions for EQ-5D-5L:
    • Swedish (Sweden)
    • Spanish (USA)
    • English (Canada)


  • Questions without an answer, due to the question being hidden by a show rule will now be marked with ".h", instead of ".b" in the export. Allowing you to easily differentiate why a question was not answered.
  • Generation of randomization records will now minimize the overshoot as much as possible, to reduce potential imbalances despite reaching the target inclusion.


  • The studies overview (initial screen after login) would throw an error if half a bracket was present in the search bar "(".
  • Changing between multiple choice and multiple response question types would clear the existing possibilities, requiring them to be re-entered.
  • An error would be thrown if any question was marked as Answer Not Available in an AE report
  • Deleting a site would prevent the user from accessing the export view, past the One-Time-Password screen.
  • Editing a form with a 'File as Answer' question type, would include the question, despite no change having been made to it.
  • Target Inclusion in the randomization module was not editable in amendment mode. The system will only allow for generation of additional randomisation records.
  • Export attributes related to forms, was available for non-form exports.
  • A minor visual bug in the study builder, where the text formatting bar would overlay the "Are you sure you want to close" dialog buttons.
  • Entering an invalid phone number during public enrollment, would sometimes prevent the participant from proceeding due to an uncaught error.
  • Submitting a bug report via the "Help" menu would fail.
  • Some view with tables would flicker and/or have double-scroll bar in internet explorer.
  • Printing forms would in some cases display the message "This question is not hidden because an answer was already provided[…]" on questions unwarranted