2022.1 (2.23)





  • New add-on: eConsent

    • Upload your consent document in pdf format.
    • Subjects can sign the document remotely or on-site.
    • Investigators are notified when a document is ready for their signature.
    • Keep track of all consents in the study, from a central overview.
    • Please read our help site article for a full write up, and then contact us if you have any questions or are interested in using it.
  • Both the External and Subject API now fully supports uploading and downloading of images and files.


  • New look for filling out "Single Question Fill out" for subject events using mobile, to allow ensure buttons + 1 line of question text + 5 x one line possibilities can be seen without scrolling on mobiles of iPhone 8 sizes and above
  • Changed "Product" to "Subscription" and updated the texts in the study builder flow.


  • The Site Overview will no longer scroll to the top after opening a data event side bar.
  • The data event "Completed Count" was note always correct.
  • 'Report Event' for AE reports button would not get enabled if a table question using a number column was marked as Answer Not Available.
  • It was possible to add medications and report Original AE reports on completed studies.
  • The Study Notifications "Additional Information" was missing a few attributes.
  • An export with an Image Chart, would show '.b', instead of '.h' in cases where it shouldn't.
  • In the External API the 'Multiple Choice' question type would accept several possibilities, as if it was a 'Multiple Response'. That is no longer the case.
  • As a preventive action, we applied the same fix to other single possibility type questions.
  • In the External API the "DataEventRegistration" model would miss "AnswerNotAvailable" if it was set to false. Now it will show both if false and true.
  • Sorting by "name" in the process list did not work entirely correctly.
  • Audit log: Attempting to "Go to" for Unscheduled Event form answers, with no answers there would show an error page (404).
  • "Show as dropdown" was editable during test mode for Multiple Choice/Response questions, which could result in nothing being shown. This has been disabled, as that sort of changes is only allowed in amendment mode or building mode.
  • The External API would accept "AnswerStrings" as valid for possibility type questions, where it should only have accepted "possibilities".
  • For Image Charts, any question hidden by a show rule, would show the "Question is hidden" text, despite the question being shown.
  • "Version" would show incorrectly in the audit log for Image Charts.
  • The External API would accept requests where possibility type questions had both a possibility selected AND Answer Not Available. It will now correctly reject it.
  • The External API would accept a blank space as enough reason for change when editing a question answer. It will now require a bit more of a reason.
  • The audit log would have a "Go to" for unlocking randomisation and information events.
  • Validation rule "Warnings" would not show properly when reviewing a form, it is now in full display!
  • Medication export text fixes:
    • More than three months since start had some text missing
    • Medication Name was shown as "Trade Name"
  • For "Single Question Fill Out" forms, the 'Form Introduction text' would not be presented, it will now correctly have its own screen.
  • Changing the Primary language of a study, would remove all other languages.
  • The audit log would throw an error, if the study owner edited the permissions of a pending collaborator.
  • Discontinue events will now correctly allow all forms to be filled. Would previously stop after the first.
  • The External API now correctly validates decimals for decimal number questions.
  • Changing from e.g. Cases to Suite, would not correctly show an error indicating an AE form template must be selected (so long as AE add-on is enabled).
  • The "Edit Answers" button would show as enabled for completed studies, despite the action not being allowed.
  • The audit log would struggle if a form was edited, in a study with several languages enabled.
  • Boolean variables in the external and subject API showed incorrectly in the online documentation as "Object". Now they show correctly as "Boolean".