2022.2 (2.24 + 2.24.1)





  • New Add-on: Connected Devices

    • Send data from wearables and other devices directly to SMART-TRIAL via the new Data API. See documentation HERE.
    • Can for instance be used for: Heart Rate, Activity data, continuous glucose monitors, and GPS data.
    • Create and manage schemas, send data records, fetch data records, and count data records.
  • Korean as a study language.


  • Subject Identifiers and 'actions' are now sticky in the site overview, and will scroll with you. No longer lose track of which subject you are working on. Remember you can select which subject identifiers you want shown in the overview using "Display Filters".
    • An info-box will appear when scrolling to the right, to show data events are hidden.
  • The "Select All" possibility selector under 'Criteria' in Process Show Rules, will now change into a 'Unselect All' if all possibilities are selected.
  • SMART-TRIAL admins will be notified if a user is locked out of their account. Users must still write to support to have their account unlocked.


  • The enrollments resource on the external API would return "Now" for timestamps that should have been null.
  • eConsent event was displayed as a selectable data event under the "Criteria" section of process show rules.
  • Multiple Choice type question would sometimes not show up in subject fill out, if a show rule was hiding several of the questions. They will now correctly be presented.
  • The save button was enabled when creating a Cases subscription, even if mandatory fields had not been completed.
  • The counter used for creating automatic subject ids (e.g. study incremental) would get locked in case any validation error occurred when trying to save a subject. This would result in creation of new subjects being prevented.
  • An error would occur if "Public Introduction Text" was disabled and re-enabled for a Cases study.
  • The notification menu had some unwanted styling and elements added to it, that has now been corrected.
  • In our API documentation "Offset" was shown to be mandatory, when it is actually 'optional'.
  • For eConsent the QR-code/Link page would show an email link, even if email was not selected as a subject attribute.
  • Mobile number was not correctly set to mandatory as default for studies with eConsent.
  • eConsent document upload has been restricted to only support pdfs as intended.


  • Google Analytics were removed from the front end.